• Maine hermit suspected in 1,000 burglaries caught


    ROME, Maine (MyFoxBoston.com/AP) — Authorities say a man who lived like a hermit for decades in the woods of central Maine and may be responsible for more than 1,000 burglaries has been captured.

    Police say 47-year-old Christopher Knight was arrested last week while stealing food from a camp in Rome.

    Authorities on Tuesday found the campsite where they believed Knight — known as the North Pond Hermit — has lived for 27 years.

    Sgt. Terry Hughes of the Maine Warden Service, who arrested Knight last Thursday as he left the camp with $280 worth of food, tells the Morning Sentinel that Knight told him he was the second human being he has spoken to since 1986.

    According to the newspaper, Hughes said that Knight built a hut on a slope in the woods where he spent his days reading books and meditating.

    He became so familiar for his thievery and subtlety that he spawned the local legend of the "North Pond Hermit". Knight told police, he always took only what he needed to survive.

    Hughes said he arrested Knight as he carried meat and other food from Pine Tree Camp in Rome, which serves children and adults with disabilities. Knight estimated he had broken into the camp more than 50 times over the years.

    Knight is being held on $5,000 bail at the Kennebec County jail on charges of burglary and theft.

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