• Lynn purse snatching attempt caught on tape


    LYNN (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – A violent attack was captured on camera outside a Lynn liquor store. One woman tried to snag another woman's purse. Police say weeks after this attack, they still can't crack the case.

    The video is from May 2 outside Lynnway Liquors. It shows a woman walking out of the store when, without warning, another woman in white pants approaches her from behind and grabs her purse.
    The victim fights back. She will not let go of her bag. They fall to the ground and the victim manages to kick her attacker. The suspect takes off.
    Detectives say the victim is still dealing with the emotional trauma of the attack.

    Police say it looks like the suspect has done this before and they are worried she'll do it again that's why they're releasing this video.
    If you recognize the woman, call Lynn police.

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