• Lynn mom spots kids’ gym teacher apparently snorting cocaine


    A gym teacher at a Lynn elementary school is off the job at least for now after a parent told police and school officials she saw him snorting drugs in a convenience store parking lot during the school day.

    The incident began last Wednesday at around 11 a.m. at a convenience store parking lot about two miles from school.

    At first, Jessica Cunha didn't recognize the man in the parking lot.

    "I saw him kind of slouched over, and he had like a card or something up to his nose, just like that, and I got out of my car and I went in," she told FOX Undercover reporter Mike Beaudet.

    But once she and the man went inside, the mother of a kindergartner and a first grader at the Connery Elementary School realized the man was her children's physical education instructor.

    "Right when he walked in, I noticed it was the gym teacher and I said hi to him. I said, ‘You know, you're my kid's gym teacher.' And he was standing, once he finally faced me, he's taller than me, and I looked up and I could see the drugs all in his nose and on the top of his mouth," she said.

    "His reaction was just like, ‘I, I need water!' Like he was like gone, I don't know how to explain it any more. He was very jittery, his hands were all over the place. He didn't know what to do with his legs, his body was, he was just going," she said.

    Cunha went to Lynn police, who wrote in their report that Cunha saw Conn "snorting lines of what appeared to be cocaine off a card which he held in his hand."

    She also spoke with Lynn Public Schools Superintendent Catherine Latham, and was floored by what the top school official said.

    "She asked me, she goes, ‘You know I've really got to ask this question.' She goes, ‘Would it happen to have been a powdered donut?' And I told her definitely not, I would not make a false accusation if I didn't see it," Cunha said.

    Neither Latham nor Lynn Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy returned repeated requests for comment.  Conn also did not return several messages.

    But Cunha says the superintendent told her Conn is not working at the school, and that there will be a substitute gym teacher for some time.

    She's speaking out publicly now because she doesn't like the way her complaint has been handled.

    "My main concern is my children, and other children of the school. I think that people should be notified if a situation like this occurs. I think other parents should know that there was a situation in the children's school," she said.

    Lynn police tell FOX Undercover the school is handling the situation internally for now but that could change depending on the outcome of the school's investigation.

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