• Lowell guidance counselor charged with open and gross lewdness


    LOWELL (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) A high school guidance counselor has been charged with open and gross lewdness for alleged inappropriate acts witnessed by school children.

    John Silva, 54, of Westford, is accused of driving behind school buses in Lowell while masturbating. This behavior reportedly occurred between September 2012 and November 2012. Investigators allege that Silva, who is a guidance counselor at Lowell High School, would try to get the attention of the students on the buses while engaging in the act.

    Witnesses told police that the suspect, who police identify as Silva, would drive behind the buses in a light blue jeep or a black truck with a rejection sticker on it. One witness also memorized the license plate number of the black truck, which police traced back to Silva.

    Investigators called Silva in for questioning after looking up his license plate. During the interview, Silva admitted that he drives his black truck or his son's light blue jeep to work.

    Silva admitted to having a medical issue that makes him unable to control his erections. He claims that he had a piece of his liver removed, which caused him to have low testosterone levels causing erectile dysfunction.

    "I have on occasion taken care of myself in my vehicle and in the blue Jeep on my way to work as well as my way home," Silva told police.

    The 54-year-old also told police it he didn't intend for people to see him.

    Investigators asked Silva if this has ever happened while he was in school. Silva said that it hasn't, but that a co-worker knew of his medical condition and was willing to cover for him if he ever couldn't attend a meeting due to it.

    Lowell High School has not yet commented on Silva's arrest.

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