• Local Batman fans reflect on massacre in Colorado


    Local moviegoers are responding to the Colorado massacre during a midnight viewing of "The Dark Knight Rises" that killed 12 and left scores injured.

    Batman fans in Boston have been looking forward to Friday's release for quite some time, but the anticipation has turned to apprehension for most in light of a tragedy 2,000 miles away.

    "It was disheartening," says one fan as he stood with friends, "We're excited to see the movie and then their mom gave me a call to maybe think it over."

    It's a decision that many moviegoers never thought they'd be faced with, but the mass shooting that took place inside of an Aurora, CO movie theater has fans across the country on edge.

    At the Loews on Boston Common on Friday, fans commented on the tragedy.

    "I heard a survivor story on the news this morning and he was talking about the scene where the guy started shooting so I remember the scene started and I got a little freaked out," says one Batman fan.

    The PG-13 film features action scenes that are in some cases violent. Many of them feature Batman's archnemesis, Bane. Some Massachusetts residents were left wondering if the shooter wanted to emulate that character.

    "It's messed up that people feel the need to hide in a character like this because obviously someone is disturbed and has problems," says one resident.

    FOX 25 did see Boston Police outside of Loews, but a department spokesperson did not say if there would be added patrols at city theaters.

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