• List of possible candidates for governor in 2014 continues to grow


    Possible Candidates for Governor in 2014

    Now that Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray is out of the race for Governor, who is in? Here is a look at those who are widely considered to be possible candidates for governor in 2014.

    On the Democratic side, State Treasurer Steve Grossman has said he is "leaning strongly" toward a run. Also, Congressman Michael Capuano could be eyeing the seat. Last week, he decided against running in a special election for Senate, if Sen. John Kerry is confirmed as Secretary of State Thursday.

    Attorney General Martha Coakley also said to be considering a run. During an appearance at a breakfast honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Coakley would say only that she is running for the position she currently holds. "I am running for Attorney General," she told reporters. "Right now I'm really focused on all the great things we're doing in the Attorney General's office. I love the work. I love the office. That's my focus at the moment."

    There are two other lesser known Democrats in the mix. Former Wellesley Selectman Dr. Joseph Avellone has said he is running for governor. Also, pediatrician and former Obama Administration official Dr. Donald Berwick, of Newton, is considering a run for the seat.

    On the Republican side, former gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker is widely considered to be a candidate for governor in 2014. Also, former Senator Scott Brown could choose to run for governor instead of for Senate. If Brown does run for governor, he is not allowed to use any of the money he raised during his Senate campaign.

    Senator Kerry's confirmation hearing in Washington is scheduled for Thursday

    If Sen. Kerry is confirmed, and he is expected to be, Governor Deval Patrick will choose an interim Senator.

    Last week he told FOX 25 he has a short list of names. He is not revealing who is on that list. Retired Congressman Barney Frank has said publicly he would like the governor to appoint him to the interim position. It's Congressman Ed Markey who wants the job permanently. Markey has announced he is running for Kerry's seat. He has more than $3 million dollars in the bank. He also has the support of Senator Kerry and Vicki Kennedy, as well as the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. So far, Congressman Stephen Lynch has said he is interested in the seat, but hasn't yet made up his mind about a run.

    On the Republican ticket, if Brown chooses not to run for Senate, former Governor Bill Weld and Charlie Baker could run.

    Process Moving Forward

    Senator Kerry's confirmation hearing is set for Thursday. He will come up for a vote, first before the Foreign Relations Committee and then before the entire Senate. If he is confirmed, Sen. Kerry would send a formal letter of resignation to the governor. After that, the Gov. Patrick sets the special election date 145 days to 160 days from the date of that letter. This means a special election could be scheduled in June or even July, at a time when many voters are on vacation.

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