• Light snow overnight, big storm possible later this week


    From FOX 25 chief meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz

    Light snow has been falling Tuesday night and some roads have become slippery, especially from the Mass Pike south to Cape Cod and the Islands. Even with a little more snow at times overnight, it will only amount to a coating for most. Some spots could see up to an inch. The sun is back for much of Wednesday and temperatures will warm above freezing for most. I expect a quiet day Thursday ahead of the next potential storm.

    That's the one you really want to hear about.

    I wish I could be more specific, but there is too much uncertainty for this high stakes forecast. You all know we work in computer models. This storm has not formed yet, so the models are all we have for now.

    A big storm would be the result of a clipper diving from the upper plains meeting up with a storm in the ocean causing that ocean storm to explode. The clipper will be there. The ocean storm will be there. The question is whether they merge, or phase. That would mean the clipper would dive far enough south to turn the jet stream more up the coast. That would bring the ocean storm closer to New England.

    The clipper would also add energy to that ocean storm so it would intensify. That's a lot to come together, which is why these storms don't happen very often. I put our chance at about 60-percent tonight. The ingredients seem to be there, but the track uncertainty is huge.

    One computer model brings it over the sweet spot to our south, giving us two feet of snow. Another keeps it too far out to be just several inches. New information comes in all around the clock and we'll keep updating the forecast. No need to drive to the grocery store for French toast ingredients yet, but might want to make a list.

    It is also the 35th anniversary of the Blizzard of 1978 this week. Tuesday night during the FOX 25 News at 10 and again Wednesday in the FOX 25 Morning News, you can see a special the weather team put together. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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