• Lawyer: Man arrested for 5th OUI has Alzheimer's, doesn't remember arrest


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – A Hingham man, who hasn't had a license in four years, is facing his fifth OUI charge; however, because of his Alzheimer's, he doesn't remember the incident, his lawyer says.

    Francis O'Laughlin was reportedly driving erratically on North Street in Hingham last Friday morning. A motorist called to report the bad driving, saying O'Laughlin drove through a stop sign and hit a parked car. O'Laughlin then allegedly stumbled out of the car and was arguing with the owner when police arrived.

    O'Laughlin was appointed an attorney who claims his client has Alzheimer's and was on medication.

    In addition to this charge, O'Laughlin has four other OUIs on record. His license was revoked in 2009. His first OUI occurred in 1975 and his second in 1984. His third and fourth OUI occurred in Florida in 1991 and 1992.

    After his convictions in Florida, his license was taken away. O'Laughlin claims he does not remember his previous convictions.

    If Alzheimer's really is the issue, legal expert Phil Tracy says his caregivers could face some serious charges for letting him have access to keys that let him get behind the wheel.

    O'Laughlin is due back in court Oct. 31.

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