• Lawrence mayor testified about missing city-owned garage funds


    LAWRENCE, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua appeared in front of a grand jury Wednesday to answer questions about thousands of dollars that has allegedly gone missing from a city-owned parking garage managed by a close political ally.

    Lantigua appeared before an Essex County grand jury believed to be investigating the possible theft. The alleged target of the case is garage office manager Justo Garcia.

    Garcia is Lantigua's campaign photographer and longtime friend. He has known Lantigua for a number of years, and was an aide to him at the State House.

    Defense Attorney Sal Tabit represents Garcia. He declined to speculate on why the grand jury would want to question Mayor Lantigua about the parking garage investigation.

    As for his client, Tabit said Garcia has done nothing wrong.

    "He has not been arrested, he has not been charged – he's answered some questions for authorities and was released," Tabit said.

    However, this is just the latest scandal for an administration in turmoil.

    So far, two of Lantigua's closest allies have already been indicted on corruption charges, and it's been widely reported that Lantigua himself is under the microscope.

    State and federal authorities are looking into claims that Lantigua has been involved in a number of illegal activities while in office, including trading favors for cash.

    Lantigua's lawyer Jeffrey Denner declined to provide details or comment at all on what went down Wednesday.

    Lantigua maintained a smile for the cameras and only had one thing to say amid this swirling controversy: "I love you all."

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