• Lawmaker reaction to Kerry nomination


    U.S. Rep. Edward Markey:

    "John Kerry is one of America's great statesmen and is supremely qualified to serve as Secretary of State. He is the quintessential diplomat, serving on critical missions around the world during his time on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. America will be greatly served here at home and abroad when he is confirmed to serve as our envoy to the world. I have absolute confidence that Secretary Kerry will be just as committed to action on climate change as Senator Kerry, and is the most knowledgeable, passionate person to break the international logjams on this existential threat. I look forward to his confirmation and wish him all the best."

    U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch:

    "Firstly, Senator John Kerry's nomination for U.S. Secretary of State is a tremendous honor and a credit to Massachusetts. It is a well-deserved achievement. I congratulate him and wish him every success. As for my own plans, right now I am focused on the few days left for Congress to avoid the fiscal cliff. After that, I will have some big decisions to make." Congressman Stephen F. Lynch

    U.S. Congressman-elect Joseph Kennedy III:

    Senator John Kerry has served the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with honor and distinction for over two decades, and I congratulate him and his family on an exciting new chapter in a storied career.

    Senator Kerry will bring the best of our country to the toughest of foreign policy landscapes. He is a consummate statesman, an unparalleled diplomat and a man with the character and expertise to lead us through the formidable global challenges we face today.

    Mass. House Minority Leader Bradley Jones:

    "Senator John Kerry has a long record of public service on behalf of Massachusetts and its residents. Furthermore, he is a distinguished United States veteran and is an honorable individual. I thank him for his service to the Commonwealth and I wish him the best of luck as he embarks on this new chapter in his life.

    With the senior-Senator from Massachusetts being tapped to serve as Secretary of State, it is my sincere hope that no further public or private consideration is given to changing the law in Massachusetts as it pertains to appointing an interim United States Senator. Senator Kerry's nomination, and all but certain confirmation, sets in motion a law that was last changed in 2009. Regardless of the merits of the way the law was crafted, it is the law and to change it to benefit any one party or individual would be wrong."

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