Lakeville man charged for shooting neighbor's escaped dog


LAKEVILLE, Mass. - A man has been charged after police say he shot and killed a neighbor’s dog in Lakeville, Massachusetts. 

Mark Vasseur told Boston 25 News earlier this week he was defending himself when he shot a golden retriever Sunday. 

Lakeville police now say he has been charged with malicious killing of a domesticated animal. 
Vasseur said the golden was charging at him when he shot it. 

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The dog’s owners admitted their two dogs ran outside unrestrained that day and took off through the woods behind their house. According to police, Vasseur’s house is just beyond those woods. 

"I tried to spook them, the retriever turned and charged at me. I had no choice but to shoot him, it was self-defense," Vasseur told Boston 25 News Monday. "It was either get bit by the dog or shoot him. I'm an animal lover, I love dogs, I would never shoot a dog unjustly."

Dashner and Pat Bates say they spent an hour looking for their dogs before they heard the gunshot and learned from police their dog had been killed. 

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