• Kitten rescued after being thrown from car


    ASHLAND, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A black and white kitten was reportedly thrown from a car along Rte. 9 Monday morning. The young cat was treated and is recovering at The Family Pet Hospital in Ashland.

    Richard Bertone from Framingham witnessed the cat being thrown from the car and brought the feline to the hospital around 10 a.m. The cat, who the vet is calling Banks, is thought to be between two and three months old.

    "She looked like she went three rounds with Mike Tyson," Bertone said.

    Banks was thrown on her face. She was powerless to catch herself with her legs because she was wrapped in some sort of scarf. It's not clear if she belonged to the woman who threw her. It is believed that she may be semi-feral, but regardless, she was crying and clearly in pain.

    Bertone says even though about a dozen cars were stopped, he was shocked that he was the only one who jumped out to help.

    "A good Samaritan witnessed the awful act and rushed the poor kitten here for emergency treatment,'' The Family Pet Hospital posted on its Facebook page. "All that we know about the vehicle from which he was hurled is that it was a black BMW with California plates.''

    The kitten has a broken leg, possible broken pelvis, bloody nose and road rash on her face and paws. She needs surgery, but the vet believes that she will eventually be okay.

    "When I picked it up the cat was definitely in distress, right now, I'm not seeing that," Bertone said.

    Bertone has set up a fundraising website to help cover the cost of Banks' surgery and care. Those interested in donating can do so here.

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