• Kennedy's 'little brother' reflects on his time with the firefighter


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- As the families of the two victims of the Beacon Street fire, including their firefighter brothers, prepare for the funerals of the two men next week, another "brother" is remembering firefighter Michael Kennedy. Kennedy had a "little brother" through the Big Brother, Big Sisters program.

    It's been extremely hard on the 14-year-old who'd been paired up with Kennedy for seven years. They pair loved to clown around together and the more they got to know one another, they became two of a kind, even though they came from different backgrounds and were years apart.

    When they first met, Alex Beauzile of Milton was only seven. They soon became inseparable, and considered each other brothers.

    "No matter where we went, he brought his friends along. It would still be like it was just me and him there. We didn't make his friend feel like the third wheel or anything, it was like we were all family. We all chilled, we all had fun," Beauzile said.

    Beauzile is being raised by a single mother, and, up until Kennedy came into his life, he didn't have a male father or brother figure to look up to. So Kennedy often stopped by the family's house on the holidays, and got to know Beauzile's mom and younger sister, too.

    Kennedy taught Beauzile how to snowboard and took him to Celtics games, movies and Six Flags.

    "The first time he took me to Six Flags and told me he loved me, I told him I loved him, too, at the end of the day that's when I fully realized I could fully trust him," Beauzile said.

    Beauzile's mom Genie says even though the 33-year-old firefighter was busy with his shifts at the firehouse, cross fit, and other responsibilities, he never forgot about her son and always made time for him.

    "He turned my son's life around and everything. It's amazing. Cause it's hard for you to find people like that," Beauzile's mom said.

    And above all, Kennedy encouraged Beauzile to better himself and aspire to greatness.

    It's been a hard few days for Beauzile and his family, but the lessons Kennedy taught his "little brother" will live on forever.

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