• Journal suggests overweight passengers pay more for plane tickets


    (MyFoxBoston.com) -- An academic group is coming under fire for suggesting that overweight passengers pay more for their airplane tickets.

    "The Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management" argued in its paper that the pay-what-you-weigh model could help struggling airlines. The study cites a story in The Economist which points out that a reduction of just one kilogram of weight on a plane translates to fuel savings of $3,000, reports Times Live.

    The paper makes the case for the argument if passengers have to pay extra for heavier bags, why shouldn't overweight passengers have to pay extra?

    According to Times Live, the paper offers several possibilities, including a price-per-kilogram scheme, a fixed surcharge for overweight passengers and a discount for lighter passengers; however, the proposed changes could be considered discriminatory against heavier people.

    Different airlines have different policies for passengers considered to be overweight. For example, Air France asks its "overweight" passengers to buy a second seat at a discount; however, if there is an empty seat available, the cost of the second seat will be fully refunded.

    For the full paper: Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management

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