• Jerry Remy unable to articulate disgust over stabbing death of son's girlfriend


    WALTHAM, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Broadcasting legend Jerry Remy released a statement Saturday one day after his son, Jared Remy, was arraigned on murder charges for his alleged connection to the fatal stabbing of his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Martel.

    "My thoughts and prayers go out to Jenn Martel and her family. Words cannot describe my wife's and my grief," said the Red Sox broadcaster. "Son or not, I am at a loss for words in articulating my disgust and remorse over this senseless and tragic act."

    Jennifer Martel's family arrived in Massachusetts Saturday. Martel's uncle told FOX 25 her parents and other family members, most of whom live in Virginia, planned to make funeral arrangements for the 27-year-old Saturday afternoon. The family has requested their privacy and plans to speak to the media at a later date.

    Investigators responded to an apartment complex on Stearns Hill Road at about 9:30 p.m. Thursday to find Martel on a patio with stab wounds to her chest and neck and a blue cloth over her face. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Police claim a neighbor, Ben Ray, saw Remy stab Martel and tried to pull him off of her. Investigators allege Remy sliced at Ray when he tried to pull him away from the woman.

    "It's not an easy thing to watch," said Ray. "It's not an easy thing to try to stop and not be able to."

    Investigators claim there was a blood trail from room to room and that the fight spilled outside. They allege Remy was on top of Martel in the patio area, stabbing her repeatedly all over her body.

    Officers said they found Remy covered in blood. He was charged with murder and assault and battery in Waltham District Court Friday and held without bail.

    Remy and Martel's 4-year-old daughter was in the apartment during the incident and was unharmed. The girl is now in the custody of state child welfare officials. Officials said Martel and Remy had been dating for seven years.

    Earlier this week, Remy was arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon after Martel reported he slammed her head into a bathroom mirror during an argument. He was released on personal recognizance Wednesday. A police report showed that Martel requested an emergency abuse order.

    Family members tell several media outlets Martel planned on leaving Remy. Martel's mother told the Boston Herald her daughter discussed plans to end things with Remy during a conversation Wednesday.

    In 2005, Remy was charged with assault and battery in connection with another domestic violence incident. Remy was accused of punching his girlfriend in the face, throwing a cell phone at her and kicking her in the back, stomach and face.

    FOX 25's Jarrod Holbrook reports that Remy had 15 other criminal complaints from 1998 to 2013. He was fired from the Red Sox security staff in 2008 during a steroid investigation.

    A memorial fund has been set up to pay for funeral expenses, lawyer fees, and for Martel's 4-year-old child. To donate:

    Jennifer Martel Memorial Fund
    C/O Citizen's Bank
    501 Rodman Street
    Fall River, MA 02021

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