• Jared Remy’s steroid use examined


    FOX UNDERCOVER - Jared Remy gave steroids to a coworker when the two worked as security guards for the Boston Red Sox, the coworker told police, an admission that apparently led to the Sox' firing them both in 2008.

    The coworker, Alex Cyr, was on his way home after working security for the Red Sox at Josh Beckett's charity event, Beckett Bowl, in July 2008, when he fell asleep in his car with the engine running in the middle of Quincy Shore Drive in Quincy.

    State police found steroids in the vehicle, and Cyr told them he bought the steroids from Jared Remy, "a guy he works for with within the Boston Red Sox.

    "You know Jerry Remy's son," Cyr told police, according to the report.

    Jared Remy admitted to The Boston Globe, which first reported on the steroids, that he had used the muscle-enhancing drugs.

    On Monday, Alex Cyr declined to talk with FOX Undercover but his mother tells us she had warned her son to stay away from Remy.

    "I knew he was trouble," said Lindsey Cyr, who says she told her son, "Don't get close to him."

    Cyr saw the video of Remy in court last week, and says he looks the same way now, as he did back in 2008.

    "I took one look at him and I knew he was on steroids," she told FOX Undercover reporter Mike Beaudet.

    Remy's long history with police seems to have given him a cavalier attitude - at least it did in 2005 when he was being arrested for assaulting a previous girlfriend.

    The beating sent the woman to the hospital with a fractured nose, but Remy didn't seem too worried about the consequences. He told the officer as he was being arrested, "Another year of probation."

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