• Iwo Jima survivor Sammy Bernstein discusses Memorial Day


    Sammy Bernstein, a Randolph resident and veteran, joined the FOX 25 News at 6 Friday to discuss what Memorial Day means to him.

    Bernstein pulled out a list that included his four brothers and himself. He says his parents, who immigrated in the late 1800s from Lithuania, sent five sons to war during World War II.

    Clutching an American flag, Bernstein shared an important message for viewers.

    "Don't take it for granted this here can be lost. And just remember, America comes first and then anything else you want, but America first," says Bernstein.

    The veteran of the U.S. Marines joined FOX 25's Maria Stephanos earlier in the week as part of her "Real People, Real Stories" series. FOX 25 viewers sent dozens of messages of support to Bernstein after hearing his story.

    To read a poem written by Sammy about Iwo Jima, click here.

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