• Investigation continues at site of fatal police shooting, house explosion

    BRENTWOOD, NH (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Investigators will be combing through rubble to figure out what set off a fire and explosion at the New Hampshire home where a Brentwood police officer was fatally shot Monday.

    Officer Steve Arkell arrived at the home on Mill Pond Road to investigate a domestic dispute just after 4 p.m. Investigators say the homeowner, 86-year-old Walter Nolan, gave him permission to enter the home. Nolan's 47-year-old son, Michael, shot Arkell when he entered the home, officials say.

    Approximately four minutes later, a Fremont police officer arrived at the scene. The officer tried to enter, but was repelled by gunfire. At 4:47, smoke was reported coming from the back of the residence. The officer tried to pull Arkell out of the house, but couldn't because Michael was still shooting at him.

    About an hour later, there was an explosion. The bodies of both men were found inside the home. Investigators say Arkell died prior to the fire and explosion from multiple gunshot wounds. The cause of Michael's death is still undetermined.

    A member of his family said that she felt badly for Walter and that Michael did not have a happy life.

    "My whole heart ached for Walter, it really did," Michael's aunt Patricia Nolan said. "Michael's at peace right now because I don't think Michael had a happy life, although Betty and Walter tried to do everything for him."

    She went on to say that Michael was very troubled and her family suggested he be institutionalized.

    He was one of five children and lived at home for his entire life. His parents even took in his daughter for several years. His mother died a few years ago, leaving Walter and Michael alone in the house.

    "I dont know how he lived these last couple of years without Betty there because I think she kept everything together," Patricia said.

    Neither Michael or Walter had a record prior to this incident.

    A spokesperson for the New Hampshire attorney general indicated that it may have been fueled by propane, however an official cause of the fire and explosion has not been released.

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