• IMAGES: Plainville man charged with threatening coworker with land mine


    QUINCY, Mass (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A man was arrested for allegedly threatening his coworker with a Vietnam-era land mine.

    Officers were called to the Adams National Historical Park around 7:50 a.m. on Wednesday. 

    Bruce Beck, a 45-year-old Plainville man, allegedly came to work and picked up a green duffel bag containing what appeared to be a live Claymore mine.

    Police say Beck, who worked in groundkeeping, had been having problems with coworkers and was involved in an argument on Tuesday.

    Police say that Beck put the mine on on a table facing a coworker he was arguing with, so that the coworker could see the phrase front toward enemy. He then allegedly began clicking the mine's detonator.  Quincy Police said no one in that room was every in any danger because that mine was disabled. but no one in the room knew that.

    "I liken it to someone pointing a gun at you. They may not pull the trigger but you're still going to think they are going to kill you. This is even worse," said Lt. John Steele.

    Police say they found additional military-type equipment in the green duffel bag. Beck was active for four years in the Military and 16 years in the Reserves. Police say they found a second inert Claymore mine during a search of his home Wednesday night. 

    Beck was charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon, possession of hoax device and receiving stolen property. 

    According to police records, other coworkers and Beck's manager said he had often showed up to work angry and paranoid. This incident, police say, stemmed from an argument the day before when a coworker accused Beck of blowing dirt and debris onto his car. In court, Becks' public defender claimed Bruce Beck wasn't being paranoid, but harassed at work.

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