• Humidity returns Wednesday, 90-degree temps in some areas

    The clouds and showers Tuesday were on the warm front struggling through the area. It is moving north through New England tonight and tomorrow, pushing the clouds north with it. The humidity, however, is streaming in behind the front. The sun will heat the sticky air mass Wednesday to highs we haven't seen since July! Boston and surrounding towns will hit 90+. Some of the higher spots in Worcester may stay in the upper 80s. Beaches on Cape Cod and the Islands will stay in the 80s, perhaps even 70s on Nantucket. Beaches facing east on the north and south shores will still have hot southwest winds. It isn't impossible to get a thunderstorm Wednesday, but I think the bigger threat is Thursday into Friday.
    A cold front will be cutting through Thursday with storms on it and ahead. It will be moving slowly thanks to Tropical Storm Gabrielle offshore. She won't hit us, but she does throw a kink in the jet stream. The front will slowly sweep through Friday, keeping the threat of storms in eastern New England. Friday night, it will be offshore and cooler air will be rushing in to New England.
    Saturday morning, lows will be in the 40s and highs will only recover to the 60s. It will be an astounding temperature change in a short time.
    Shiri and Sarah will be here watching for the storms Wednesday, just in case.

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