• Humidity moves in for first weekend of the summer

    From FOX 25 chief meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz:
    Welcome to summer 2013!
    Warm, humid air is flowing in to greet the new season. A few showers popped up on cue during Friday afternoon, but they went away with daytime heating.
    Expect more of the same all weekend, just more of it. More heat and more humidity can be expected to last into next week! There are increasing signs that the weather won't change much until later in the week. A back door cold front could come through Wednesday/Thursday, though. That would bring relief. The 7day doesn't show 90 right now, but that's an average. There will be towns that hit 90 for sure.
    Beaches will be warm this weekend as well. However, south facing beaches will be cooler with winds off the water. The UV index will be very high in the hazy sun. You will burn without sunscreen. Use it. Remember, the water is only 60 degrees at best. That's too cold to stay in for a long time. Take a dip to refresh, then get out.
    Pollen is at moderate levels due to grasses right now. Have a great weekend!

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