• Hospitalized Boston bombing survivor discusses blasts, recovery


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com/AP) — A Massachusetts man who remains in a hospital after surviving the Boston Marathon bombings described his experience in the blasts that injured three other friends, including two brothers who each lost a right leg.

    Jarrod Clowery, of Stoneham, suffered severe burns and shrapnel wounds in the bombings that killed three people and wounded more than 260 others. He spoke to reporters Tuesday afternoon at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

    Clowery was scheduled to enter a rehabilitation center Tuesday. During a press conference, his doctor described the severity of Clowery's injuries, including the large amount of shrapnel that had to be removed from his body.

    The doctor says Clowery had 12 carpenter's nails, five ball bearings, and pieces of plastic, denim, and wood removed from his body. As many as 20 ball bearings are believed to still be in him. Doctors believe he will need additional surgeries on the future to remove more shrapnel.

    Clowery pointed himself out in a photo to the media Tuesday. The photo was taken prior to the second bomb going off. Clowery can be seen standing just a few feet to the second marathon bomber's left in the photo.

    Clowery said that after the second bomb went off he knew he had to get to the middle of the street. Two people rushed to his aid and stayed with him as he got into an ambulance.

    Despite serious injuries of his own, Clowery said his friends were much worse off than him and still remained positive. One of his friends, J. P. Norden, lost a leg. Norden remains in the hospital.

    Clowery thanked all those who helped save lives after the April 15 bombings. The Stoneham native humbly said he is simply a victim and that those who rushed to the aid of the victims are the heroes.

    Clowery and his friends were wounded when the second bomb exploded near their feet after they arrived at the finish line to watch another friend finish his second marathon.

    The runner was the only one of the five friends who wasn't injured in the blasts.

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