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Hopkinton child, 5, suspended for bringing toy gun to Center School


HOPKINTON, Mass. ( – A Hopkinton mother is upset that her five-year-old son was given a half day suspension for bringing a toy gun to school.

Christine Stone said she was called by Center School in Hopkinton Wednesday and asked to come pick up her son Jonah, who is in kindergarten, because he had brought toys, including a plastic gun, to school.

Jonah reportedly showed the toy gun to a friend who is in the first grade and then that child showed it to another student; however, Stone said her son did not fire the gun nor did he pretend to.

According to Stone, Jonah's punishment was an in-house half day suspension.

The Center School said they had no comment and asked that further inquiries be directed to the superintendent.

The superintendent told Fox 25: "No comment due to confidentiality reasons."

Stone claims there is no mention of toy guns in the handbook, and she is appealing the suspension with the superintendent's office.