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H&M to reward shoppers that recycle clothes


Wikimedia: Chrisloader

BOSTON (FOX 25 / That V-neck you stained with barbecue sauce while watching football may not be in any condition to donate to the less fortunate, but H&M will still take it off your hands.

The L.A. Times reports that the Swedish retail chain is beginning a global initiative to encourage shoppers to recycle their unwanted clothes. They say that as much as 95-percent of the clothes that consumers throw out every year could be re-worn, reused, or recycled.

Beginning in February, H&M will reward shoppers who bring clothing of any brand in any condition into their stores. The shoppers will receive vouchers for future H&M purchases for their good deeds.

H&M is teaming up with a recycling company that will separate the clothes for re-use as clothing or send it away to be used for things like rags, stuffing, and padding.

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