• Hingham Police ask driver involved in suspicious incident to step forward


    HINGHAM (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) Police in Hingham are hoping a driver who asked an 8-year-old if he wanted a ride to school will step forward.

    Hingham officials say the incident happened at about 7:30 a.m. at a bus stop on the corner of Bradley Park and Harbor View Drive. A white man in his mid-twenties with dark, short hair reportedly approached a child and said, "Hey bud, do you want a ride to school?"

    The child did not recognize the man, who left the neighborhood without further discussion.

    A short time after the incident, the child's mother arrived at the bus stop and learned of the incident. The mother believed it could have been a neighbor and contacted residents via e-mail to see if the man was someone she knew. When she couldn't confirm it was a neighbor, the mother called police.

    The child described the man's car as a white or yellow "older" model and "similar to a van, but shorter." Investigators believe it may be a station wagon. The car had three windows on its side and damage to the lower panel between the tires.

    Investigators say it is possible that the man lives in the Bradley Park neighborhood and that he knew the child and meant no harm in his offer. They are asking the driver to contact Hingham Police so that they can rule out criminal intent.

    Officers are investigating a suspicious incident in which a man in a vehicle stopped and asked a boy walking to a bus stop if he wanted a ride school.

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