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@HiddenCash sends social media users on a scavenger hunt


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. ( -- An anonymous donor who left envelopes of cash throughout San Francisco is now setting his sights on another California city.

The Twitter-based social experiment plans to give away money in San Jose Wednesday.

The handle @HiddenCash has taken Twitter by storm over the last four days, sending San Francisco residents on a search for envelopes of money.

"New drop: @tonyhawk did a 900 on me. Find me under the corner of the outdoor bar table overlooking the water," reads one clue.

The account is also filled with photos of smiling faces holding $100, as the account's bio requests lucky recipients send along a photo of their discovery.

According to KTVU, the anonymous donor said he has made a lot of money in the San Francisco real estate market, telling the news station he can "afford to give a lot."