• Hernandez’s neighborhood has trick-or-treat concerns


    NORTH ATTLEBOROUGH, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – Neighbors of former Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez are asking police to keep gawkers out of their neighborhood this Halloween.

    Westwood Estates and its nearby neighborhoods are known to get hundreds of trick-or-treaters every Halloween. The popularity is due to the fact that former and current Patriots players live there.

    But this Halloween, residents feel it will be even more packed given the notoriety of Hernandez's case.

    "A lot more people know about our neighborhood. People just want to drive by and see his house. Every day there's at least 10 cars that drive in," said one neighbor.

    Susan Coady said she has applied for a town permit to block cars from coming into the area. She said the people are welcome but the amount of cars is making it dangerous.

    "We weren't looking to exclude anyone, just keep kids safe," said Coady.

    Her application was denied. The Police Chief said that he won't shut the street down because it's not a prudent use of manpower.

    Coady and another woman, Brenda Boldt, are kicking off a town campaign called "Park and Walk." The two are encouraging parents to park their cars and walk with their kids while they trick-or-treat instead of remaining in their cars and following them.

    "It gets very dangerous. A lot of close calls. We feel we're an accident waiting to happen. If we don't get proactive about it somebody's going to get hit," said Coady.

    Signs in the neighborhood encourage parents to park their vehicles, even saying no candy for kids whose parents drive.

    Residents hope the program expands statewide.

    For more information: http://www.facebook.com/parkandwalknorthattleboro

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