• Hernandez's barber could be key witness in Lloyd murder case


    FALL RIVER, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- If Aaron Hernandez looked clean cut when he left his North Attleboro mansion in handcuffs last June, it's because his barber, Robby Olivares, made a house call two days before Hernandez was arrested.

    At the time the haircut made news, Olivares dropped a stack of his business cards from his window when he left. It wasn't Olivares' first time at the Hernandez home. FOX 25 found a picture Olivares posted to Instagram a month before the June visit. It's since been deleted from his account.

    FOX 25 has learned the Rhode Island barber and the former NFL star hung out socially.

    A comment next to the picture reads, "He show me love like he's fam so I show him da same!"

    The barber and the NFL star share a friendship, and now FOX is learning, they may also share secrets. Recent court filings and statements made during a Hernandez court hearing Friday suggest a link between Olivares and the Odin Lloyd murder case.

    "An important part of this case has to do with events that occurred at the Rumors night club," Jamie Sultan, a lawyer for Hernandez, said.

    On Friday, June 14, two nights before Lloyd was executed, Lloyd and Hernandez partied at Rumor night club in Boston's Theater District. Authorities believe Lloyd revealed something at the club that caused Hernandez to no longer trust him, something so explosive that Lloyd had to die.

    A security manager at Rumor claims he overheard it, and we now know Robby Olivares may have, too.

    If Olivares was at the club that night, he may be one of the only credible witnesses from Hernandez's inner circle with an eye witness account of the suspected triggering event that led to Lloyd being shot five times some 48 hours later.

    David Yannetti, a Boston criminal defense attorney, said, "It could be that they don't have any concrete evidence he was indeed there but they suspect he was."

    He says depending on what Olivares actually knows, the state would likely want him on the stand. Especially because others close to Hernandez are refusing to talk.

    "If he were to testify about what was said that ultimately lead to Mr. Hernandez having a motive to participate at a minimum in this murder, that's crucial evidence," Yannetti said.

    Other pictures posted to Olivares' Instagram account raise even more questions about the time he may have spent with Hernandez in the days and hours before Lloyd was killed.

    One photo shows Hernandez and his fiancé on the far left and Olivares and a woman, believed to be his significant other, on the far right. The caption reads, "Chillin' w da wife's."

    One of the comments references Father's Day. We don't know when the photos were taken, but according to the website Statigram they were posted to Instagram shortly after midnight on June 17, 2013, the day after Father's Day, and during the same overnight Lloyd was killed.

    FOX 25 visited the Providence barber shop listed on Olivares' business card and were told he wasn't there and most likely was not interested in speaking with us.

    Olivares has already provided important information in this case. Court documents first made public in July say he "guided' the grand jury that investigated the Lloyd murder to the secret apartment Hernandez rented in Franklin, the so-called flop house.

    The question now… what else does Olivares know? And is it information that he's willing to share?

    Although Olivares may be a witness, there has been nothing to indicate he is in any way criminally implicated in the case.

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