• Hernandez’s attorneys say no arrest warrant issued


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – The firm representing Patriots' TE Aaron Hernandez released a statement Monday blaming the media for "rumors, misinformation and false reports" about their client saying that no arrest warrant had been issued in the case.

    The statement, released by Michael K. Fee, of Ropes and Gray LLP, said the media has falsely reported that an arrest warrant has been issued for Hernandez.

    "None of these false reports come from officials sources," said Fee.

    The statement went on to say that the firm would not comment further on the investigation.

    Last Friday, a source told FOX 25's Bob Ward that a paper warrant had been issued for Hernandez on an obstruction of justice charge in connection with the homicide of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, of Dorchester. Lloyd's body was found less than a mile away from Hernandez's North Attleboro home. The warrant had not been executed as of Tuesday afternoon.

    "It may be that this is a squeeze tactic," Bailey explains. "It may be telling Mr. Hernandez that we have a warrant, a warrant for a crime that has a potential maximum penalty of seven years in prison, is a tactic to get him to come to the table, start talking and start cooperating. And that's where the lawyers may be saying, okay, we got it. You got our attention. We're willing to respond."

    On Monday state police continued to search a creek off Homeward Lane, just a few blocks from Hernandez's home.

    Lloyd's family has said that Lloyd and Hernandez were friends and that Hernandez's girlfriend is sisters with the woman Lloyd dated.

    Law enforcement sources have continued to tell FOX 25 that Hernandez has not been ruled out in the totality of the investigation.

    All records in the case have been impounded so far.

    Statement of Michael K. Fee, Ropes & Gray LLP:

    "Over the past week, our client, Aaron Hernandez, has been the subject of a relentless flood of rumors, misinformation, and false reports in the media. These include the repeated publication of a supposedly confirmed report that an arrest warrant had been issued for Aaron, a report that was exposed as untrue. None of these false reports come from official sources and we appreciate the professionalism and restraint shown by the Bristol County District Attorney's Office to date with regard to its public statements while its investigation is underway. Out of respect for that ongoing investigation, we will continue to refrain from commenting on its substance."

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