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Hernandez attorneys file motion to dismiss in Lloyd murder case


FALL RIVER, Mass. ( -- Attorneys for Aaron Hernandez filed a motion to dismiss indictments charging him with first degree murder and unlawful possession of a firearm in the death of Odin Lloyd.

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In the filing dated May 15, Hernandez's attorneys claim that despite the "enormous quantity of evidence presented" to a grand jury investigating the murder, the state "utterly failed" to establish probable cause that Hernandez murdered Lloyd or "participated in a joint venture with others to do so."

"Basically, all that the Commonwealth showed the grand jury is that Hernandez was in a car with Lloyd and several individuals shortly before Lloyd was shot to death," reads the filing.

The defense goes on to say that prosecutors "inundated" the grand jury with what they describe as "a torrent of irrelevant, unfairly prejudicial, and improper evidence." They further accuse the Commonwealth of seeking to portray the former Patriots tight end as "an immoral drug-user with violent, criminal propensities."

The district attorney's office said they would respond to the motion in writing. They would not comment to FOX 25 about it.

The motion to dismiss was filed on the same day Hernandez was indicted in the 2012 murders of 28-year-old Daniel Abreu and 29-year-old Safiro Furtado, friends who lived in the Dorchester section of Boston.