• Herald: Woman sexually assaulted after taking unlicensed taxi


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – A woman was sexually assaulted after picking up an unlicensed cab earlier this month.

    According to the Boston Herald, the victim told police she hopped in the cab outside of a Northern Ave. nightclub on Aug. 6. Investigators said the driver brought her to Daly Memorial Rink in Newton and raped her.

    The Herald reports that the assault was kept under wraps for 10 days because of an ongoing dispute over whether Boston Police or Mass. State Police are responsible for the Seaport area. However, Mass. State Police issued a statement hours after the report was released, saying that they told Herald reporters what "muddied the waters" was the fact that it was a Middlesex Detective Unit case. For this reason, Mass. State Police's media office generally defers to prosecutors for comment. They add that the only connection this case has to the Seaport is that the woman was picked up in the area.

    State police officials say they plan to issue notifications in the future when enough information exists to make an alert relevant.

    Mass. State Police officials say they do not have evidence of similar assaults involving livery truck drivers and they believe the Aug. 6 assault was an isolated incident. They say they are working diligently to solve the case.

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