• Herald: House Speaker DeLeo's proposals crackdown on welfare fraud


    (MyFoxBoston.com) -- House Speaker Robert DeLeo has reportedly unveiled a new slew of proposals that he hopes will stop welfare fraud before it even starts.

    Under DeLeo's proposals, photos would be required on EBT cards and a Bureau of Program Integrity, whose director would be appointed by the Inspector General, would be created to help combat fraud and crack down on ineligible welfare recipients, reports The Boston Herald.

    The newspaper said DeLeo also wants to create a task force to find better avenues for state agencies to share information to determine whether a recipient is eligible for benefits.

    In the interview, DeLeo also said he wants to revamp the Early Education and Care department, which recently came under fire amid the resignation of its Commissioner Sherri Killins and an audit revealing day care centers shared addresses with registered sex offenders.

    DeLeo's proposals are all a part of the $33.8 billion budget that was released Wednesday.

    For more information: The Boston Herald

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