• Heat wave will become official in Boston Tuesday


    The heat wave will become official Tuesday. We need a third consecutive day of 90+ degrees in Boston, and that should happen. A sea breeze will knock the temperature down in the afternoon, just like it did Monday. Dew points are in the 70s overnight and will likely be that way Tuesday.

    A HEAT ADVISORY is in place again in southern New England because of the combination of heat and humidity. I again encourage you to take it easy in this weather. Strenuous work or exercise in these conditions could cause you to dehydrate or worse. Stay hydrated and use sunscreen if you must be outdoors. There is always the risk of a shower or thunderstorm in tropical air, but the risk is low Tuesday.

    Wednesday, winds up above us will turn to the west. That will ventilate the atmosphere, allowing the hot air below to continue to rise, much like smoke out of a chimney. That means the risk of thunderstorms increases Wednesday through Friday. A cold front cutting across Saturday brings us the biggest risk of severe weather. Behind that front, much more comfortable air moves in Sunday.

    The atmosphere continues to show blocking patterns that keep the same weather over an area for prolonged periods. We have been seeing it since last summer. It was blocking that steered Hurricane Sandy back toward the coast, slowed the snowstorm that would become the blizzard of 2013, and caused the incredible snowstorm in March. There has been research showing more blocking due to loss of Arctic ice. It is something to keep a close eye on.

    Meanwhile, Arctic ice sounds real nice right about now… or Italian ice.

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