• Hawk breaks into Newton home, startles teen


    A Newton teen was startled by a feathered intruder Friday afternoon.

    Mikayla LaFleur says she was laying on a couch in the downstairs of her home when she heard a smash upstairs.

    "I heard a smash, so I went upstairs to see what happened," said LaFleur. "Then I heard another smash so I ran downstairs and hid in the bathroom and called my mom."

    LaFleur's mother, believing an intruder was in the home, instructed the teen to call police. When they arrived they went upstairs to see what was in the home.

    Officers discovered two broken windows. A neighbor told police he saw a bird, possibly a hawk, smash through the window.

    LaFleur's friend Maddie Miller said when she arrived there were five police cars at the house, but no sign of the bird, other than the two broken windows.

    LaFleur said she hadn't previously seen any large birds in her neighborhood.

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