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Harvard undergrad dean involved in e-mail searches resigns


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) - Harvard's undergraduate dean will step down in July, months after she was criticized for approving secret searches of junior faculty members' e-mails.
The searches were authorized by Evelynn Hammonds in an effort to plug leaks related to a cheating scandal. In a statement Tuesday, the university said Hammonds will leave her current post July 1 and lead a new program on race and gender in medicine and science.
Hammonds told The New York Times that the e-mail controversy was "not a motivating factor" in her decision to step down as dean.
Last summer, Harvard disclosed that over 100 students were suspected of cheating on a take-home exam. During the school investigation, The Harvard Crimson began reporting its supposedly confidential details. Hammonds later acknowledged she'd authorized the email searches looking for whoever was leaking the information.