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Harvard cheating scandal: Administrators conduct second-round email searches


( – There are new details in an email scandal at Harvard. School administrators are now saying secret email searches about a massive cheating scandal were broader than first acknowledged.

Last year, 125 students were forced to withdraw from the school for cheating on a final exam.

In September, Harvard administrators conducted a search of 16 resident deans' email accounts to find out who leaked the information to the press. Originally, Dean Evelynn Hammonds said administrators conducted a one-time search of administrative accounts. But according to the Harvard Crimson, Hammonds told staff Tuesday that she also authorized a second round of email searches, which included personal Harvard email accounts.

The paper says the second search violates a school email privacy policy that requires specific approval.

The university's president is now looking for an outside lawyer to determine the full extent of the searches and is assembling a task force to develop recommendations for a new email privacy policy.