• Harvard Basketball co-captain plans to withdraw amid reported cheating scandal


    The senior co-captains of the Harvard University basketball team will likely miss the entire 2012-2013 season in connection with a cheating scandal that rocked the institution, Sports Illustrated reported.

    In an article posted on SI.com Tuesday, reporter Luke Winn cited sources that said Kyle Casey plans to withdraw from the school in an attempt to preserve his final year of eligibility.

    Winn reported that the team's other co-captain, Brandyn Curry, was also implicated in the scandal. Winn said Curry was weighing his option to withdraw from the school.

    In the article, Winn said he had reached out to Harvard basketball coach Tommy Amaker and Casey, but had not heard back.

    FOX 25 News also reached out to the university for comment on the story.

    "I cannot verify the accuracy of that report," said Harvard assistant athletic director Kurt Svoboda in a statement. "This morning was the first I'd heard of it. We are not able to comment because of privacy laws governing student academic records."

    Last month Harvard reported that at least 125 undergraduate students had potentially cheated on a take-home exam in the spring semester.

    Possible punishments range from an admonition, a sort of warning for a first offense, to being forced to withdraw from Harvard for a year. It wasn't immediately clear what sanctions any student who had since graduated may face.

    School officials emphasized that none of the allegations had been proven and said there's no evidence of widespread cheating at Harvard.


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