• Hartford man arrested in former Hernandez associate's shooting


    HARTFORD, Conn. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A 29-year-old Hartford man was arrested Tuesday night for his alleged connection to Alexander Bradley's shooting.

    Leslie Randolph was held on $1 million bond on charges of assault, criminal use of a firearm, and carrying a pistol without a permit. He is expected to be arraigned Wednesday.

    Officials arrested Randolph at a home in Southington, Conn. They also conducted a search of the home in Southington and another home in Hartford.

    Randolph is accused of shooting Bradley outside Vevo Lounge in Hartford Sunday night.

    Prosecutors allege Bradley went back to his cousin's car after he was shot, grabbed a gun, and returned to the club. Police say when he wasn't allowed back in, he fired off a round into the side of the building.

    Bradley was held on $1 million bail following his arraignment on reckless endangerment and five firearms charges Tuesday. While police say the gun battle was the result of a dispute over money, Bradley's attorneys claim their client was targeted by a stranger because he is "high profile."

    For years, Bradley was a driver, errand boy, and go-to guy for former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez. That was until the two had a falling out and Hernandez allegedly shot Bradley in the face following an argument at a strip club outside Miami last February, causing Bradley to lose an eye.

    Bradley is seeking $100,000 in damages in a lawsuit against Hernandez, who has pleaded the fifth.

    The Connecticut resident also testified before a grand jury investigating a double murder in Boston, in which Hernandez is a suspect.

    Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to murder and weapons charges in the June 2013 shooting death of Odin Lloyd. He is due in court this Friday.

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