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Gun, knives, gloves, 'Scream' mask found in man's minivan


(FOX 25 / – A Rhode Island man who was arrested in Walpole is suspected in a cross-country crime spree.

Michael Dumaine, 39, was pulled over on Route 1 earlier this week and police found a loaded handgun, knives, gloves and a mask just like you saw in the movie "Scream" in his minivan.
Walpole police believe Dumaine e was on a cross-country crime spree, holding people up.
Dumaine was pulled over for having a Colorado license plate with a Massachusetts registration sticker.
Apparently, Dumaine had recently moved from Colorado to Rhode Island and was working in Walpole at a 7-Eleven store.

Police are now investigating to see if there's any trail of a crime spree from Colorado to Massachusetts.