• Group of local friends told their Super Bowl tickets are no longer available

    (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Imagine making plans to go to the Super Bowl, only to be told that you can't see the big game.  A group of local friends paid thousands for game tickets and were told those tickets are no longer available.

    FOX 25 caught up with the guys as they boarded their plane at Logan early Thursday morning.

    Sandwich resident Josh Helms and his friends, all life-long Patriots fans, made plans to get to Arizona when the Pats won the AFC Championship.  The friends ended up buying six tickets from two different licensed ticket brokers for more than $1,600 a piece. They then booked their flights, found hotel rooms and packed their bags.

    When Helms woke up Wednesday morning, he said he had a text and a phone call from one broker saying they did not have the tickets. A few hours later, the other broker told him the same thing. Both brokers said the best they could do was offer them a refund

    Helms says when they land, they'll try anything they can to get tickets to the game. He also said that, with the prices they are at now, it's unlikely they'll make it.

    So far, the best price he says he has found is about $3,500 a piece, which is more than double what he had initially paid.

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