• Grand jury indicts Hernandez on charges related to jailhouse fight, lawyer of victim speaks out

    (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Aaron Hernandez has been indicted on charges stemming from an alleged assault inside the Bristol County House of Corrections in February. The lawyer of the man he allegedly beat up spoke out Friday. He says his client still refuses to testify against Hernandez.

    Andrew Booker, 25, of New Bedford does not want to testify against the former Patriot because is worried about his street cred and doesn't want to be labeled a rat. He was being held at the Bristol County Jail on drug and gun charges. His cell was adjacent to Hernandez and the two did not get along.

    The trash talking escalated in February when authorities say Hernandez attacked Booker. The altercation happened in the special management unit of the jail, where both were housed. Booker was in handcuffs, on his way to the infirmary, when Hernandez allegedly struck him several times in a hallway. Guards had to break it up.

    On Thursday, a Bristol County Grand Jury indicted Hernandez for the jail scuffle on charges of assault and battery, and threats to do bodily harm, without the help of Booker.

    The same Bristol County Grand Jury also indicted Hernandez for allegedly threatening a correction officer at the jail. When Hernandez first arrived there back in June, Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson called him a "model inmate." That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

    Hernandez will be arraigned on the new charges in the Fall River Justice Center. A date for that court appearance has not yet been set.

    As for the Suffolk County Grand Jury looking into Hernandez for the 2012 double murder in Boston, court documents identify the football player as the possible shooter.

    Investigators first linked Hernandez to the 2012 Boston double murder back in June, just days after the Odin Lloyd killing in North Attleboro. A month later, in July, we learned a case against Hernandez was being presented to a grand jury. And since then court documents have come out that not only suggest Hernandez was involved, they identify him as the possible shooter. The victims' families have expressed frustration. They feel the evidence is there for an indictment and they can't understand why it has not happened.

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