• Gov. Patrick wants focus on possible special election


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick wants to know why people are focused on the potential interim senator, instead of the actual race if Sen. John Kerry is confirmed as Secretary of State.

    Just who is getting the job of interim senator is still unclear as of Monday night, but the reason everyone is talking about it is because it could happen any day now.

    If Sen. Kerry is confirmed, Gov. Patrick will have to appoint an interim senator; however, Gov. Patrick won't say who he is having conversations with about the position.

    Last Friday, former Congressman Barney Frank said publicly that he would like the governor to appoint him for the job.

    Other names that have been thrown out there are Vicki Kennedy and even former Governor Michael Dukakis.

    Gov. Patrick told reporters on Monday that he is also considering people from the western part of the state, but wouldn't confirm or deny if that included retired Congressman John Olver.

    In fact, the governor said reporters should focus less on short term and more on long term.

    "This is important. This is not the main event. I know you know this is fun and interesting for everyone to report on. This is not the main event. The main event is the special election and assuring that we have someone of strength and focus and depth of Sen. Kerry to succeed him in the Senate," Gov. Patrick said.

    The governor has said whomever he chooses, he would like for that person not to run for the seat.

    During the upcoming months, the interim senator could be casting votes on a number of important issues, including where to make spending cuts.

    If there is a special election in Massachusetts, it could happen in just a few months. Thus far, Congressman Ed Markey is in the running, and Congressman Steve Lynch and Congressman Mike Capuano have said they are interested.

    On the Republican side, Scott Brown and Bill Weld have also said to be considering runs.

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