• Gov. Patrick takes aim at Romney's running mate on social media


    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is weighing in about Gov. Mitt Romney's decision to choose Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate.

    Several hours after the official announcement, Governor Patrick tweeted: "Choice of Rep. Ryan reminds us that the American Dream itself is at stake in this election." 

    Throughout the campaign, Governor Patrick has been working as a top surrogate for President Obama. He has delivered speeches around the country and also made appearances on national television on the President's behalf. 

    On his Facebook page, the Governor took further aim at Romney and his running mate.

    Gov. Patrick posted this status: "In case it was ever in doubt, what is truly at stake in this election was made even clearer today by the selection of Congressman Ryan as the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee. Congressman Ryan was the chief architect of a budget that would decimate education funding and end Medicare. He and Governor Romney believe that each and every one of us is on his or her own, and that government has no role to play in making a better future for the next generation. We know better - that government does have a role to play, not in solving every problem in every person's life, but in helping people help themselves. The very character of our nation, and the American Dream itself, are at stake in this election - let's stand up and show that it is worth fighting for." 

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