• Gov. Patrick pulling out all the stops for $1.9 budget plan


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – In an effort to push his education and transportation reform package, Gov. Deval Patrick has unveiled a new online website complete with a series of maps which show his proposed investments.

    Gov. Patrick is pulling out all the stops in order to get his $2 billion budget deal passed. Part of his latest pitch includes a website with 400 maps which explain how cities and towns would benefit under his plan to raise taxes and fee.

    In order to help raise money for these initiatives, Gov. Patrick has proposed $1.9 billion in tax changes, including a plan to raise the income tax. The governor understands why some people want to know how their money is being spent which is why the maps were created.

    The plan to raise the state's income tax by a full percentage point has received lukewarm reception among Democratic leaders on Beacon Hill.

    The governor told FOX 25 if average people fully understood his plan, they would see why they should get behind it.

    "I think it is natural and right for people to warm slowly to the idea of a tax increase. It is fascinating to me how many of the people, as I was alluding to a minute ago, how many of the people whose taxes would go down think that there's gonna' be a tax increase in their own lives," he said.

    House Republicans say there is already too much wasteful spending and do not believe taxpayers should have to shoulder an additional burden.

    "Somehow he's had an epiphany the past two years, and I think the epiphany has been, look, I'm not running for reelection. I'm going to propose, try to propose, all these revenues so I can placate a bunch of people who've been political supporters, special interest groups, and this and that and build a legacy for myself as governor that quite frankly I don't think the taxpayers can afford, nor should they be asked to," House Minority Leader Bradley Jones said.


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