Gov. Patrick admits Suffolk County Sheriff appointment was political


(FOX 25 / - Governor Deval Patrick's pick for Suffolk County Sheriff is stirring some controversy.

Late Monday afternoon, Steve Tompkins was sworn in as the Suffolk County Sheriff. He had been working as a spokesman for outgoing Sheriff Andrea Cabral.

Cabral was sworn in Monday as the governor's Public Safety Secretary.

The Boston Herald reports Tompkins has no actual law enforcement experience and is a career public relations professional who just recently served as a senior adviser on Sen. Elizabeth Warren's campaign.

"I can tell you we looked at a number of candidates. By the way, it is a political job so the folks who are criticizing it as a political hire, tell them they are right. We looked at a number of candidates. We considered a wide variety of qualities. I think in Steve's case, his experience with the department, his familiarity and commitment to the reforms that former Sheriff Cabral, now Secretary Cabral, put in place. Which have been enormously important," Gov. Patrick said.

Tompkins takes over for Cabral right away and will serve out the rest of her term until it ends in 2014.

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