• GOP US Senate hopeful Gomez unveils latest TV ad


    BOSTON (AP) - Republican U.S. Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez is adding a little humor to his latest television ad.

    The 30-second spot unveiled Tuesday begins with an announcer calling Gomez "a very bad man" and suggesting he wants to "kill old people," hates women and "even leaves the toilet seat up."

    The announcer then blames what he calls those "ridiculous" charges on Gomez's Democratic rival Edward Markey, accusing Markey of "37 years of pay raises, bounced checks," and "taking millions from people he regulates."

    The ad war has intensified heading into the final two weeks of the Senate campaign after two Democratic groups poured more than a million into television spots criticizing Gomez on issues ranging from Social Security to the retirement age.

    Gomez's latest ad is an attempt to respond to those ads.

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