• GOP Senate hopefuls protest ads by outside group


    BOSTON (AP) - Two Republican candidates in the state's special U.S. Senate race are calling on fellow GOP candidate Michael Sullivan to reject ads launched by a group they describe as anti-gay.

    The radio and television ads by the Conservative Campaign Committee are aimed at helping Sullivan defeat Republican challengers Gabriel Gomez and Daniel Winslow.

    The out-of-state group has pledged to spend up to $200,000 to help Sullivan.

    Gomez said Sullivan should tell the group to take down their ads or "man up and deliver these attacks himself."

    Winslow also criticized Sullivan for saying he wasn't familiar with the group, which Winslow described as "anti-gay."

    In one Internet posting, the group's leader described gay activists as "relentless, viscous and hellbent" on forcing the rest of the country to believe their behavior is normal.

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