• GOP Senate candidate opens up to voters on YouTube


    COHASSET (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Republican candidate for U.S. Senate who has stayed out of the media spotlight since announcing his candidacy is opening up to voters on YouTube.

    Gabriel Gomez posted a video on Wednesday night of his family hitting the campaign trail in hopes of gathering the 10,000 signatures needed to enter the special election.

    The Cohasset businessman has refused to speak to media outlets until he receives all of the 10,000 signatures that are due on Feb. 27.

    Gomez joins a packed race that includes state Rep. Dan Winslow on the Republican side. Democratic congressmen Stephen Lynch and Ed Markey are also in the race.

    Former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan tells FOX 25 he will also run provided he can gather all 10,000 signatures by the deadline.

    The primary is scheduled for April 30 and the special election is set for June 25.

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