• Google releases top search terms of 2012


    Have you ever "Googled" the word Google?

    Seems weird, but enough people searched for Google this year to make it one of the most searched terms... within the search engine itself. Confused yet? Stay with me.

    While you may expect the top search terms to center around celebrity scandals or the presidential election, it turns out the most searched terms of 2012 were pretty simple.

    Here is the list:

    10. Games - Is there any better way to make the work or school day pass by faster than playing endless games of Words with Friends? Of course not. That is why Internet users launched the search term "games" to the top of Google's list this year.

    9. Mail - Either some of us are entirely too lazy to click the mail tab at the top of Google, or we are really interested in news about the United States Postal Service (I'm going to guess it's the former).

    8. Yahoo - Two words: fantasy football.

    7. You - I'm sure at this point you're saying "why?" just like I did when I saw this on the list.

    6. Hotmail - This wins Retro Award for this list. I'd venture a guess that whoever searched this may still use dial-up Internet.

    5. Download - Everyone was totally looking for legal ways to download music... right?

    4. Free - Because who doesn't love free stuff?

    3. Google - It's like when you're in a dressing room and can look through one mirror to see yourself in another mirror - mind = blown.

    2. YouTube - I too have a hard time remembering the URL for youtube... what is it again??

    1. Facebook - It's the number one social media site in America and now it's the number one search term on Google. Talk about a glory hog.

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