• Google building self-driving vehicles this summer


    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (MyFoxBoston.com) – Google announced that they are building about a hundred self-driving vehicles this summer and then plan on running a small pilot program in California over the next few years. 

    Google started back in 2009 testing the self-driving technology on the Toyota Prius.  Since then the company has improved the technology and is ready to build even more prototypes, according to Google's official blog. 

    The new prototype design will operate safely and autonomously without requiring human intervention.  The cars will not have a steering wheel, acceleration pedal or brake pedal simply because they are not needed.  

    To see the car in action, click here.

    The car uses GPS and satellite navigation, radar, lasers and cameras to navigate.  The radar, lasers and cameras will do the close up work to leave the car on the road without hitting any pedestrians or objects.  It can tell the difference between a curb, a pedestrian, a bicyclist, a car, a sign, a traffic signal and even identify and maneuver around road construction.  The sensors remove blind spots and can detect objects in the distance for up to 600 ft. or two football fields away.

    Just imagine going downtown and not having to worry about parking because the car can be summoned back by a smartphone. Seniors and young drivers will no longer be a hazard to the road and drunk driving and distracted driving will be eliminated increasing safety on the road.

    Google’s self-driving car can also give people the ability to drive and be mobile unlike the traditional car. The car has eyes and senses that do all the work at the push of a button. 

    For more: googleblog.blogspot.ca

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